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How it Works

TeamUp is the App you never knew you needed until now!

Organise your public/private, indoor/outdoor football matches without the worry of ‘mates’ dropping out last minute!

Fancy joining a match, organise one, or are you just looking for a player to fill the space of the guys who let you down, TeamUp is here for you



  • Name your match / event

  • Select the address (local 5 aside pitches, Stadium or even the field behind your house)

  • Choose the date, time and duration of the match

  • Number of players per team

  • Make your match public (Public matches will be visible to TeamUp users looking for a match)

  • Make your match Private (Use the 4-digit code to invite friends)

Create the match and watch as your Team sheet fills up



Private search

  • The match code located on the bottom of the team sheet will be sent to you by the match organiser

  • Accept and you’re ready to play

Public Search

  • Automatic location

  • Specify up to how many kilometres you are willing to travel

  • Refine your search by choosing one or more days depending on your availability to play

  • Choose a time slot to suit your day, week or monthly schedule



Thanks to the location of your match, find a player nearby and offer them to join the team!

Tired of playing with random players and not knowing their level? Find players who match your game skills with the level selection bar. (Warning, levels are self-chosen)

The home page will show your upcoming matches, matches awaiting registration and also your match history to find players you’ve already played with and be able to invite back


Available in many languages!


The Sign Up

Signing up to TeamUp is just as easy of a process and any other app;

Email address


Profile Photo - So that we know what you look like

Username – Don’t worry about choosing the wrong username, it can be changed at a later date


Last Name

Phone number – We wont send you unsolicited texts

Location – You select the position of where you want to be found when other users are looking for players

Level – An honest indicator representing your standard

Language – TeamUp is currently in 4 languages and we are working on adding more, making it as international as possible

Organising A Match

Title – Name your event so you can easily remember which match is which on your dashboard

Location – Chose the location of where you will be playing. (This does not have to be specific places and can be just a pin drop on the map)

Date – Date of event

Time – Time of event

Match Access
                -Public matches can be found by users searching for matches in the location

                -Private matches can only be found via invites (either by Match ID or Direct invite from match creator)

Match Type – Chose how big your game is, from 1v1 to 15v15

Match Duration – How long can you play for

Note – Add a not for your fellow players to better organisation of your upcoming match

And finally – Create your Match

Searching For a Player

Location – Select where your match is

Distance – Select the range circle to decide the circumference so TeamUp can present to you, users who are available in that area

Level – Choose the standard of player you wish to appear in your search (DISCLAIMER** THESE ARE SELF EVALUATIONS)

Gender – Select for Male only or Female only users you want to appear in your search. There is an option for
CO-ED matches by choosing ‘unspecified’

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